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Barbados Luxury Villa Rentals Are an Authentic Part of Barbados Development

Barbados Luxury Villa Rentals are an authentic part of the historical development of Barbados, many of which span more than 300 years. Although many have been said about the proliferation of luxury villas in the Barbados real estate market, it really is not a new development. Even though in the first days they could not be called villas, they were simply the villas of the rich owners of the plantations.

Here Are the Five Best Historical Villa Rentals in Barbados

St. Nicholas Abbey

St. Nicholas Abbey is one of the gems that really stand out as one of the historic Grand Houses of Barbados. The Abbey, as it is popularly known, is an impressive 17th-century plantation house nestled among more than 400 acres of sugarcane fields, mahogany forests, tropical ravines, and beautiful gardens. It is one of the three remaining Jacobean villa rentals that remain in the Western Hemisphere. It has elegant curvilinear pediments, angular stone chimneys, and fireplaces.

Drax Hall House

Drax Hall House is the second and oldest Jacobean Great House plantation in Barbados built in 1650. This mansion has sloping roofs, folding windows, corner edgings and a Jacobean staircase is the second of the three Jacobean mansions remaining in the Western Hemisphere. But unlike St. Nicholas Abbey, this historic mansion is not open to the public. See more.

Sunbury House

Sunbury House, such as St Nicholas and Drax Hall, dates back more than 300 years and, like these two, is the product of the island’s sugar industry, generated by wealth. Built around 1660, Sunbury remains an important part of the historic luxury villa rentals of Barbados.

Fisherpond Plantation House

Fisherpond Plantation House is the wonderful historic property built in Barbados more than 300 years ago. This architectural gem of rubble stone with walls two feet thick was built in the Georgian style of the Caribbean. This property actually captures the brilliance of a bygone era when sugar was king.

Porters Great House

Porters Great House also fits with the description of being a historical masterpiece, even though it was built after the others listed here. This coral stone mansion was built in 1735 and now still stands out in the luxury villa rental market.

Greensleeves in Barbados

A unique tropical escape on 11 luxury acres of the West Coast in Barbados – Greensleeves was designed by the famous Caribbean architect Ian Morrison. With relaxing waterfalls, this villa brings an element of the Far East to the beauty in front of the beach of Barbados. The accommodation consists of 8 bedroom suites, with a free-form pool measuring 100 feet at its broadest point, with a sunken bar in the pool and a terrace for sunbathing. Greensleeves is located at a point in the middle of two bays, with a wide beach front and access to 2 beaches. An eight-and-a-half-acre landscaped park located across the road from the chief house features a beautiful water lily pond and a lighted tennis court. In brief, Greensleeves is a dream villa for those looking for a blend of luxury and serenity.


Each of these Barbados Luxury Villa Rentals dates back more than 300 years and now he or she still stands out as luxurious dwellings for the most affluent. These rental villas reinforce the fact that Barbados has always been a vibrant real estate market even before the arrival of recreational travel. Click here for more information: https://www.privatevillarentals.com/specials/caribbean/st-barts/

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St Maarten Villas A Great Base For Exploring

The Dutch and the French colonialists partitioned this tiny piece of paradise to divide the of the island St. Martin and the other part, St Maarten Private Villa Rentals. However, that was many generations ago and the modern island can be contemplated to be the perfect example of a true mixing of diverse and mixed cultures.

The margin between these two nations that hedge the island is difficult for tourists notice these days. It is not even particularly stuck to by the two countries, as they choose to get on with their lives, in a way that only Caribbean people know how.

Having said that, in these two very contrasting places, the hundreds of years of rule of the European settlers have created two very different cultures. However, unlike other countries of the world, these cultures live side by side in good will, celebrating and enjoying their differences and similarities.

The French side of the paradise island is a small tropical version of the south of France. It contains fine dining, the latest in Paris fashions and a Caribbean laid-back and totally extravagant feel at St Martin Private Villa Rentals. The classic French-style filters through every aspect of life, aroused by the resorts, street signs and the relaxing sidewalk cafes.

On the Dutch side is more busily and just slightly more composed. Tourism and other related businesses is the main target of business and personal lives. Although busier than the French area of the island, it is still very traveler-orientated, with many things to do and see.

Whichever side of the tropical isle you may choose, this is still the Caribbean and beach life plays a bigger role in traveler and local lives. There are very good in more of 30 stunning beaches located around the islands whole coast. get more info coming from http://www.preferredescapes.com

The beaches offer the classic white sands, palm trees, coral reefs, and warm water that is totally very clear. On the side of the French, you don’t have to have fashion for all of the beaches. The beaches vary from heavily populated, offering every beach activity imaginable to quite secluded area of near deserted palm fringed beaches. Where there is not a stunning white sand beach, there are rugged limestone cliffs cascading into the sea, offering spectacular coastal scenery.

All over the island, you can enjoy in all kinds of water activities from basic snorkeling to the full scuba, reef diving experience or discovering the British battleship under the Island of Great Bay. Sailing, pleasure boating, jet skiing, wind surfing and parasailing are just a few of the tremendous must try indulgences available.

There are many miles of hiking trails go over the mountains and along the pretty shoreline. If your feet get tired, there are horseback adventures, or a more leisurely spoilt walk around a first class golf course.

There are night and day markets, the old St Martin Private Villa Rentals, the incredible butterfly farm, and many other ways to spend your time on this enchanted island.

St Martin Private Villa Rentals offers an extraordinary selection of private villas on the islands of Saint Martin, Saint Barthelemy and Saint Maartin. Search for vacation villas In St Maarten and St Barth as well as vacation villas for rent in St Martin.

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