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Barbados Luxury Villa Rentals Are an Authentic Part of Barbados Development

Barbados Luxury Villa Rentals are an authentic part of the historical development of Barbados, many of which span more than 300 years. Although many have been said about the proliferation of luxury villas in the Barbados real estate market, it really is not a new development. Even though in the first days they could not be called villas, they were simply the villas of the rich owners of the plantations.

Here Are the Five Best Historical Villa Rentals in Barbados

St. Nicholas Abbey

St. Nicholas Abbey is one of the gems that really stand out as one of the historic Grand Houses of Barbados. The Abbey, as it is popularly known, is an impressive 17th-century plantation house nestled among more than 400 acres of sugarcane fields, mahogany forests, tropical ravines, and beautiful gardens. It is one of the three remaining Jacobean villa rentals that remain in the Western Hemisphere. It has elegant curvilinear pediments, angular stone chimneys, and fireplaces.

Drax Hall House

Drax Hall House is the second and oldest Jacobean Great House plantation in Barbados built in 1650. This mansion has sloping roofs, folding windows, corner edgings and a Jacobean staircase is the second of the three Jacobean mansions remaining in the Western Hemisphere. But unlike St. Nicholas Abbey, this historic mansion is not open to the public. See more.

Sunbury House

Sunbury House, such as St Nicholas and Drax Hall, dates back more than 300 years and, like these two, is the product of the island’s sugar industry, generated by wealth. Built around 1660, Sunbury remains an important part of the historic luxury villa rentals of Barbados.

Fisherpond Plantation House

Fisherpond Plantation House is the wonderful historic property built in Barbados more than 300 years ago. This architectural gem of rubble stone with walls two feet thick was built in the Georgian style of the Caribbean. This property actually captures the brilliance of a bygone era when sugar was king.

Porters Great House

Porters Great House also fits with the description of being a historical masterpiece, even though it was built after the others listed here. This coral stone mansion was built in 1735 and now still stands out in the luxury villa rental market.

Greensleeves in Barbados

A unique tropical escape on 11 luxury acres of the West Coast in Barbados – Greensleeves was designed by the famous Caribbean architect Ian Morrison. With relaxing waterfalls, this villa brings an element of the Far East to the beauty in front of the beach of Barbados. The accommodation consists of 8 bedroom suites, with a free-form pool measuring 100 feet at its broadest point, with a sunken bar in the pool and a terrace for sunbathing. Greensleeves is located at a point in the middle of two bays, with a wide beach front and access to 2 beaches. An eight-and-a-half-acre landscaped park located across the road from the chief house features a beautiful water lily pond and a lighted tennis court. In brief, Greensleeves is a dream villa for those looking for a blend of luxury and serenity.


Each of these Barbados Luxury Villa Rentals dates back more than 300 years and now he or she still stands out as luxurious dwellings for the most affluent. These rental villas reinforce the fact that Barbados has always been a vibrant real estate market even before the arrival of recreational travel. Click here for more information: https://www.privatevillarentals.com/specials/caribbean/st-barts/

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Travel Like An A-Lister With These 5 Villa Rental Tips

Vacation Villa Rentals

One of the most crucial St Barths Private Villa Rentals tips: decide on a location. Nothing will make you sense like an A-lister quite approximately your own villa. Besides the extensive glamor factor, renting a home abroad has several advantages. With regards to the size of your group, a villa may be less expensive than other styles of accommodations.

Since you look for the perfect home for your trip, keep these eight villa local rental tips in mind.

Choose a location

Looking for privateness and seclusion-St Barths Private Villa Rentals?  Want to be on the beach – or simply a mountainside? Or has been a short walk to town most significant? Some travelers have been disappointed when they uncovered their countryside villa was a half-hour drive to the nearest restaurant. Or that their water-view property was similar to an extended hike than a brief stroll to the beach.

The first step in deciding on a spot is to focus on the activities that interest you. If your goal is to sight-see, your villa should be striking distance to attractions.

Decide on look and feel

Contemplating a rustic farmhouse encircled by domains? A cottage fronting directly on a white-sand beach? Or a modern glass composition in the heart and soul of the action?

The types of villas are amazingly diverse. Ensure you book exactly what you’re envisioning for your St Barths Private Villa Rentals experience.

Are you looking for a traditional villa, such as this quaint Italian home?

Review size and layout

One of the most crucial villa local rental tips is to ensure the home has enough room for everyone. The amount of bedrooms is critical for larger categories. Villa listings identify the number of men and women who can sleep in the home, but don’t always describe if the sleeping arrangements consist of sleeper sofas or other less appealing options.

Likewise, scope out the toilet set-up. Is there a minimal guest-to-bathroom ratio to avoid day congestion?

Examine the ground plan as well as photographs to decide if the St Barths Private Villa Rentals has the right products for your group.

Confirm services

With an extravagance villa rental, just about any service you desire can be yours. Before your trip, find out what’s offered, choose which you’ll need and make progress arrangements:

  1. If the villa mentions chef availableness, is it a really private chef, or a housekeeper who creates basic meals?
  2. Do you even want a chef, or will you do the food preparation yourself (or venture out)?
  3. How frequently would you like housekeeping?
  4. Is a handyman nearby for quick repairs?
  5. For teams with children, is a babysitter available?

Is actually a pool – especially one with a view – on your villa checklist?

Book early

Hoping for weekly over Christmas in Hawaii? Or spring and coil period of time in Mexico? If so, one of the very most crucial villa local rental tips to avoid disappointment is to reserve early. St Barths Private Villa Rentals in popular destinations at peak times of the year tend to rent at least half a year out.

A travel advisor is the better resource you will discover for assisting you book the villa of your dreams

Spouse with a travel advisor

Booking an exclusive home is significantly unique of reserving a hotel room. As you can see from these villa rental tips, travelers need to consider multiple factors.

A travel consultant – particularly person who specializes in luxury travel – recognizes the intricacies of reserving villas. They know which companies excel in the region.

Once you get accustomed to the A-lister villa lifestyle, you will be hooked. You may join the ranks of the numerous St Barths Private Villa Rentals veterans who love the experience a great deal they return to the same home every year.

Visit http://www.privatevillarentals.com for more informations and help.

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How to Ensure You Get Value for Money with St Barts Private Villa Rentals?

St Bart’s private villa rentals have become vastly popular in recent times and it’s not hard to see why. When you have a vacation planned to the gorgeous island you ideally want to ensure you have a great accommodation. There is nothing better than a private villa! You will love what is on offer and it’s a lot easier to ensure you get value for money also.

There Is Sufficient Privacy within the Villa

You are renting a private villa rental to get privacy and that is what you should get. If you want value for money you absolutely have to ensure you get sufficient privacy. Not having sufficient privacy can be a bit disheartening and really it puts a lot of people on edge during the stay. You really want to ensure the St Barths private villa rentals offer complete privacy. This will not only ensure you feel more at ease with the villa but you’ll enjoy your stay a little more too.

Having a Private Pool (If that’s included With the Villa)

If you really are hoping to get an onsite pool with the rental then that is what you should look for. However, if a pool is what you desire it’s wise to ensure it’s a private one. Do you really want to share the pool with other people? Sometimes, it’s unsettling when you don’t know the people you have to share with so it’s best to think about a private pool entirely. St Barth’s private villa rentals can offer private pools but you need to ensure your villa has one.

On Site Staff

Surprisingly, a lot of private villas come with staff such as cleaners and even chefs to cater for the renter’s needs and that can be ideal. If you really want on site staff you should consider renting St Barts private villa rentals that has these as well. This might make the experience a little more enjoyable and it shouldn’t up the price too much. A lot of people want on site staff and it can be a very useful way to relaxing a lot more without having to do anything throughout the stay.

Rent a Villa with Enough Room for All the Family

There is no point in renting a villa for five people when you have a party of ten! There will not be enough bedrooms and space might be pretty cramped for those people. Not all bedrooms might have en-suites and it will be a real nightmare for guests too. However, if you want great value for money you have to ensure the villa you rent offers enough space for everyone. You don’t necessarily have to get a ten bed villa but rather one which offers fairly decent space for everyone who will stay at the villa. St Barths private villa rentals can be enjoyable and offer real value for money too but only when the right one is found.

Getting Value for Money

Surprisingly, it’s a lot easier to obtain value for money when it comes to private villa rentals. With a few little pointers to get you started you shouldn’t have too much trouble with the rest. However, you can enjoy the search and enjoy the vacation too. St Bart’s private villa rentals are truly unique and going to make your vacation even more wonderful.

Check out http://www.privatevillarentals.com for more informations and help.

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